GelColor NAILS Videos
GelColor by OPI

Featuring artwork by the OPI Artistic Design Team, this video library is exploding with Color! Discover the latest design techniques using GelColor's extensive range of over 100 iconic OPI shades.
GelColor Videos
GelColor by OPI

Weeks of iconic OPI color will make GelColor your salon's most profitable service! Discover gentle nail prep, fast application techniques and quick removals in this video library.
Perfect Polish Videos
Tips for the Perfect Polish
Learn how OPI's Patent Pending ProWide™ brush reinvents the art of professional polishing!
Axxxium Gel Videos
AXXIUM - Gel System
Offering the finest workability, control and wear available in a hard gel system, Axxium is the professional choice for long-lasting, odor-free gel services, including sculpts and natural nail overlays!
Pedicure by OPI Videos
Pedicure by OPI
Transforms ordinary pedicures into extraordinary spa services! Formulated with nature's most effective and soothing botanicals to restore soles with treatment options that refresh and re-energize!
Manicure by OPI Videos
Manicure by OPI
Give your clients instantly younger-looking hands with Manicure by OPI – a professional, easy-to-use, four-step system that Exfoliates, Revitalizes, Renews and Protects hands to leave skin glowing!
Absolute Videos
Absolute Acrylic System
Absolute Liquid and Powder Technology define exceptional acrylic performance in this professionally-proven formula! Extraordinary colors, incredible workability, superior adhesion, and bubble-free results!
Competition Videos
Competition Formula Acrylic System
Offering winning colors and performance, Competition Formula's fast-setting formula glides on smooth and thin without sacrificing strength and flexibility. The industry's whitest white – Ultimate White – plus a range of warm and cool pinks deliver customized results.
Clarité Videos
Clarité Odor & Tack-Free Acrylic System
The spa choice for exceptional acrylic performance in an odor-free acrylic system! Featuring the revolutionary, Patented Clarité Curing Resin, Clarité is the only odor-free system that files and finishes like traditional acrylics!
OPI Professional Files Videos
Professional Files by OPI
Discover OPI's ProFiling technique using the unique Professional Files by OPI system that takes nail enhancements from unrefined to shine in minutes!
OPI Spa Complete Videos
OPI SpaComplete
Discover how easy it is to be clean with OPI Spa Complete, the only product your salon needs to clean and disinfect hard surfaces, implements and pedicure spas in one easy step!